Today we marked Leonardo daVinci's birthday with a little art history lesson. The children looked at some of his works and picked some to replicate in person.

Here are a few of some of them...


Miss Mona Marie



Valiant attempts at Vetruvian Man ("Mom, why does he have four legs and four arms?! Oh yeah, he's making a snow angel")



Saint Zach the Baptist


And, of course, Halvor had to stand in for the old man. A few photo filters and we got him aged a bit:



And what would a Leonard day be without the daVinci bridge?

Good fun, lots of teamwork, cooperation and learning!

To share our celebration with you, we are giving you a free download - matching cards of Leonardo's more famous works. 

(Om du trenger de på norsk, er det bare å klikke her!)

Enjoy and stay safe!!