Nearly the entire family (Nearly headless? How can you be nearly headless?) is a huge fan of Harry Potter.  In fact, the very first day of quarantine school, there was a bit of resistance to the idea of meeting up at the dining room table to start the school day, so I told everyone that they had 5 minutes to arrive at school dressed in their house robes. Worked like a charm. Every single child was in place a minute before 9 am, ready to start!

At school we were planning on doing some Harry Potter themed days, so I had to promise them that we would do it here at home, instead.

Enter our trip into the Forbidden Forest.

In full uniform - robes, scarves, hats and wrist cuffs (knitting patterns available on request) - we headed out into the nearby woods. I had prepared activity stations for them to solve. There was a bit of math, poetry composition, a little etymology in there, coding and magical creatures (zoology, right?)


Good fun, and some very creative answers. 


We ended the day with a little food science, making Butterbeer Fudge - highly recommended!