Well, technically!  For those of us far up in the northern hemisphere, it may not feel like it, but despite the weather, we have jumped into spring with a plant unit here at home.

We started off with the wonderful story of plants (and I can guarantee that it was slightly awkward telling it to my kids and husband rather than a group of children or Montessori trainers!) However, everyone was excited, and lots of interesting questions kept popping up as we went along:

  • How to underwater plants grow if they don't get sunlight?
  • Do all plants have roots?
  • Why do only some plants have flowers?

All great stuff to get them researching on their own. 


For this story, I used some of my recently created impressionistic charts for botany. I spotted a few things as I was going, so I have updated them and am now putting them out for you all to enjoy.  Click HERE to go to the product page, and then you can download directly from the page. We will keep them downloadable for a week.

So enjoy, and happy spring!