Montessori math: beautiful, logical and innovative. There's something thrilling about seeing the colors in the maths materials that make my heart just skip a bit. I absolutely love every material and how they build systematically on each other. You can see the red thread moving along, from simple use with 3-6 year olds to more and more complex mathematical concepts for older children and young people. And to be honest, I've seen so many light bulbs turn on in adult learners, as well. Somehow, the materials appeal to humans of all ages.

Now, the question is, how can we adapt these to use in our homes while we are away from the classrooms. We cannot expect anyone to own a full Montessori math curriculum for their homes.

We have been attacking this problem head-on, and the art teacher side of me went into full drive. We are going to show some simple and fun ideas to create what we are calling "mock math materials" for your children who are now learning at home.

Enter hobby foam. ("Mosgummi" for the Norwegians reading this.) This will become your best friend, believe me. Order a pile of it (get extras of green, blue and red!) and follow along in the next series of posts where we will show all of the math materials we have created for our home school.

Leave us a comment: What is your favorite Montessori math material? (I definitely have a few definite favs!)