Another week is over, and we are alive and well, still friends. Besides the daily fun with math (I'll be posting more on how to do your Montessori math with things you find around the house!) and reading, we have been exploring all things green.

After the Story of Plants, we went in a few different directions. We looked at seeds and the life cycle of a plant, as well as beans and how they grow. Planting took over the house, and now we have pots of soil in every window sill and in all sunny patches on floors. (Yes, I am looking forward to warmer weather so they get moved OUT!)

We took a look at the Kingdom of Plants - the younger children worked with the simpler version, the four main groupings of plants. The older children went a bit deeper into the details of divisions and classes of plants. And of course, out we went, into the woods, to find as many variations for each category as we could.


This has really not ended, as every time they see a plant, they start discussing the characteristics: "Does it have roots?"  "Where are the seeds?" 

We have been exploring different roots (the planted beans make for a great view of the root network, and how the roots support the soil) and discussing what the tasks of the roots are. 

We also taken a look at the parts of a flower. It felt slightly sacrilegious as we were doing it, but it was all in the name of science :) Using our chart and our "Parts of a Flower" cards, we managed to find all the parts, as well as discovering a few interesting things about the shapes of petals. Another great question to wonder over: "How do flowers get their color? Why are some red, some yellow, some pink?" 

Experiments are ongoing here, and one fun unplanned experiment was a discovery by our 7-year-old who had planted a bowl of peas. They were growing nicely in the window sill, and she discovered that all the sprouts were leaning in the same direction. "It's because plants need sun!" A great connection to the Story of Plants. So she took her bowl and made a scientific hypothesis. "If I turn the bowl so the sprouts are leaning away from the sun, and I put it in the window and don't touch it, will the plants move the opposite direction, towards the sun again?"

Sure enough... only a few hours later, she was excitedly showing how she was correct.

And to wrap up the week, on Friday the older boys worked for an hour building the Tree of Plants, a comprehensive view of the classification system for the plant kingdom. We were very excited to test it out now that I have crocheted pouches for the "Russian doll" feature of this material. And everyone helped to find plants from around the house and outside to place on the tree. A few fun discoveries here, even for the plant expert in the house ;)


So that's been our plant week, in a nutshell. (Pun very much intended.)  

Now, we want to share this fun with you! 

We are launching a Botany Bundle, that includes 20+ materials all within different topics in botany, from charts, to parts and experiments.

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Stay safe!

Sarah and Halvor